Myoskeletal Therapy

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique

This modality has as its goal, creating systemic alignment and balance of the body, through the utilization of:

  1. Accurate assessment of your body.
  2. Discovery of patterns of dysfunction created by muscle imbalance and osseous misalignment.
  3. Application of systematic myofascial and (non-force) osseous alignment therapy as needed.
  4. Teaching you proper neuromuscular re-training excercises (stretching of tight, facilitated muscle groups, and the stengthening of weak, inhibited muscle groups) to reinforce the newly introduced patterns.

The emphasis is placed simply on the recognition and treatment of common Myoskeletal strain patterns that lead to imbalances in the body. By creating symmetry and balance in your body we may be able to prevent not only occurances but also recurrences of neck and back pain and reduce the potential of pain radiating to your limbs.