Listen to My Clients

Here are a few of my Clients who want to tell you about their experiences at The Vitality Institute:

As an elite athlete and professional businessman, balancing my body’s health and well being with athletic and work demands is difficult to do. I have athletic injuries compounded by business demands that prevent my body from properly recovering on its own.

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When I was referred to John Chervenak at The Vitality Institute, I was skeptical that combinations of various treatments like Reiki, CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release therapies would actually help, after all of the years of athletic abuse my body has taken. Guess what? Not only did I feel immediate relief after the first session, the regular treatments have helped me feel years younger. My flexibility has increased, the pain has virtually disappeared (I continue to play sports), and my focus athletically and at work has improved. I’ve gone from skeptic to avid fan.  Thanks to John and the crew at The Vitality Institute. -Londi Romero

This is written as a letter of recommendation for John M. Chervenak, L.M.T. and Reiki Master. I highly recommend John. He is always professional and is truly one of the most gifted therapists I have ever experienced. He certainly is the most gifted therapist I have experienced in Florida.

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For more than twenty years, I have been receiving Massage therapy at a minimum of once per month. I have had the opportunity to experience Massage at some of the most exclusive Spas in North America and John’s hands match and in most cases, exceed their best. His Reiki is superior to all others I have experienced, even in LA and New York. In addition to his incredible hands, he is always caring, respectful and in tune with the client’s needs. I recently broke my wrist while out of town. The break required me to hold my arm upright even while sleeping, creating back and shoulder tension in addition to the pain from the surgery to repair my wrist. Immediately upon my return to Florida, I phoned to schedule time with John. He stayed late to accommodate my last minute call and masterfully adapted a treatment that accommodated my inability to lie on my stomach and the requirement that my wrist remain elevated above my heart. For the first time in weeks, I was able to sleep along with feeling an acceleration in the elimination of the toxic anesthesia and narcotics used during surgery. The wrist is healing rapidly due in good measure to John’s Reiki and massage that continues to balance me and stimulate the flow of energy and blood. Again I highly recommend John for he is simply the “BEST” -Katherine Sewell Holzer

John Chervenak has been my massage therapist for the past five years.  When I first sought John’s help I suffered from chronic back pain of forty years duration, two frozen shoulders, constantly painful thumbs, and a recently torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus in my right knee

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from a skiing accident for which surgery had been prescribed. Because of John’s skill using pressure points, Reiki, stretching, electric acupuncture, and his knowledge of anatomy, I have no back pain, full range of motion in both shoulders, thumbs that hurt only when I am out of town and not getting regular treatment, and a totally healed right knee without any surgery. Five years ago I could only walk on a completely level surface, I got in and out of a car by lifting my right leg with my arms, and into bed by first sitting on the edge , then rolling over. I now walk on any surface including grass, rocks, and sand. I get in and out of cars and bed without any problems whatsoever. Additionally, my IBS is significantly improved. John is the reason I am pain free today and no longer take ibuprofen every four hours. His treatment is not the usual massage but a therapeutic and healing experience.  It requires the patient’s dedication to therapy and commitment to treatment. It worked and is still working for me. -Julie Koenig

I met John Chrevenak in the summer of 2006. I had already scheduled major back surgery which was being delayed as my husband had been diagnosed with cancer and was under going treatment. At that time, I was totally unable to walk more that two or three steps without severe pain and burning down my leg.

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I had been diagnosed with spondylolistheses. Walking even a half of a city block would cause me to cry. My life was over as I knew it. I had begun to get massages from a woman who practiced in a spa I attended regularly as well as massages at any other spa /gym /hotel I happened to be at. They would provide some measure of relief, but also were incredibly painful. At the first massage, I noticed that John could gently touch something at the base of my head and immediately relieve the horrible burning that was ever present in my ankle and calf. I was amazed at how much more relief I received from my massages with John and how much less pain it took to get me there. John also is a REIKI master, something that I must admit, I was very skeptical about. I have been convinced on more that one occasion that this practice as well as the cranial sacral therapy and other forms of more traditional massage that he practices are a permanent and very real replacement to traditional surgery! I have no intention of having surgery now.  There are a few incidents that come to mind in regard to REIKI that I would like to share. As I said I was extremely skeptical but one day when I went for a massage, I was having unusually painful menstrual cramps. I was moving around uncomfortably on the table and when John asked me what was wrong and I told him what the problem was he told me he could fix it. As he held his hands over my stomach I was thinking YEAH RIGHT but ..within moments , the cramps were gone and they did not return again in that cycle! Needless to say, I am a believer now! It is with pleasure that I say that I am now able to walk with ease, and stay that way many less massages than I used to get. I have referred many people to John, and those who are realistic enough to know that you cannot undo problems that took years to create with one massage; and stick out a course of therapy, as well as to continue maintenance massages, are as satisfied and thrilled with the results as I am. I would also like to add that John has done massage and REIKI on all of my children and helped them immensely. One of my children was having a bit of problem with mild depression due to my husband’s illness and if he spent as little as 10 to15 minutes with John, his attitude would become bright!  Another time, my son had over 101 fever and got the fever down to 98.6 right away using his REIKI! Needless to say, I am a believer now! I have seen him help emotionally disturbed children and dogs who were told they had terminal illnesses! I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for what John has done for my family and me! -Shari Rubin