Learn Reiki

Reiki Classes are now being offered.  More info to come soon!

Reiki Classes

Reiki First Degree:
This class provides the following:
A). an overview of Reiki; what it is, it’s history, how it heals and how to use it on yourself and
B). an explanation of the attunement process,
C). information on The Aura, The Chakras and The Meridians,
D). Dr Usuijs original Ethical Principles of Reiki and The Original Reiki Ideals,
E). the Kanji hand positions for centering and healing,
F). the hand positions for giving Reiki to both yourself and others,
G). a review of Hayashi’s healing guide,
H). and your Attunement so you can give Reiki to others.

Reiki Second Degree:
In the Second Degree Class you are taught the following:
A). a cleansing affirmation,
B). three of the Sacred Reiki Symbols and what they do,
C). how to use them and how to place them,
D). how to combine them
E). and how to treat certain imbalances,
F). your second degree Attunement.

Advanced Reiki Training:
In these classes you will learn:
A). two Tibetan Symbols to aid in your healings,
B). Reiki meditation to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness,
C). How to use Reiki to protect yourself,
D). Reiki aura clearing to assist in removing negative energy from yourself and others,
E). an exercise to prepare those anticipating taking the Reiki Master Training,
F). you will attend and assist in Reiki First and Second Degree attunement classes to learn the process and strengthen your energy.

Reiki Master:
In the Master class you will:
A). learn the Usui Master symbol,
B). how to use it to strengthen the other symbols,
C). instruction on giving attunements for all levels,
D). receive the Master Attunement,
E). practice the Attunements on each other,so you will receive many Attunements increasing your confidence and energy.