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John & Harley Chervenak

John & Harley Chervenak

As a Health Coach, my objective is to assist my clients with achieving their personal health and wellness goals. I do this by listening actively, providing relevent information, developing a minimum of a three-month wellness plan, and using simple behavior-modification principles.

This process after all is a journey, not a vista to be gazed at. A journey in which we determine the starting point, (where your health is presently) and then determine your destination, (where you wish your health to be). We discuss what events or issues have prevented you from achieving these goals in the past. Once this has been determined, we develop both short-term and long-term goals and the path to achieving them. The short-term goals are reviewed in a weekly meeting during which we assess progress adjust the plan where needed. This provides accountability for you. The long-term goals are reviewed and adjusted monthly in order to provide maximum benefit at the end of the initial three month period.

To create these goals, we start with a brief Health Risk Assessment, and a biometric screening after which we sit down and do a Health Risk Review (HRR). The HRR will quantify your starting point and provide a baseline from which we can measure your progress. My health coaching technique is designed to help you become self-sufficient in making the necessary changes in your lifestyle to achieve your goals. There is no set time limit regarding how long this process takes, as each person has different needs and responds to health coaching at different rates.

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